Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Eusoff and Apostrophe

Alright! My hands are shaking..
Okay..here's the story..

Eusoff chewed a letter from his foam-based sets of alphabets.. made it torn into pieces. It's a 'B'. And then he became devastated because he could not make the word 'BOBOI' (his favorite comedy duo from Maharajalawak Mega) because that word requires 2 'B's and now he only have one. And yes, when he could not have what he wants, as usual, he will throw a temper tantrum..screaming and crying, punching his own eyes, hitting his head and trembling about 15 minutes. He asked me to fix the letter (by putting the pieces into my hands).

Oh my..It is beyond repair!

I was trying to tell him that it is totally damaged, that I couldn't repair it, that he will have to get a new letter 'B'..Hoping for him to understand what I am telling and as usual, Eusoff will throw another tantrum. I'm getting to the wit's end and asking him repeatedly why on earth would he chew that letter if he is going to use it to build that particular word. His dad returned home perfectly in time, together with lots of fruits from kampung and calmed him down. It was a relief. Luckily, the tantrum ends with no one getting scolded or injured.

Luckily I managed to carved a 'B' from the stencil which the letter belongs. It is supposed to be like a puzzle, where you should place the letter accordingly to the shapes (but Eusoff prefer to play with alphabets to make words). The letter 'B' that I carved.. (Hehe..buruk sangat..) It is not as the same as the original 'B'..tapi bolehla dari takde... :)

It's Maghrib then, and I was busy bathing Daniel, feed him then, tuck him to bed, go to shower, perform Maghrib prayers..do this, do that.. It's a busy hour and nobody noticed what Eusoff was doing until I came across this :-

Subhanallah.. That's why he chewed on the letter B.. Because he wanted an apostrophe ( ' ) to put to this word DON'TS and yet his set of alphabets did not have an apostrophe.

Menyesal sangat sebab membebel kat dia tadi..dan rasa insaf sangat kerana kadang-kadang aku hilang kesabaran melayan kerenah anak aku yang non-verbal ini. Kasihan Eusoff.. dia tak dapat suarakan apa yang dia mahu. Sama ada dia sakit, tak selesa, lapar, letih atau apa2 saja perasaan atau kemahuan dia.. Bila aku bayangkan sekiranya aku berada di tempat Eusoff, cuba membuat orang mengerti apa yang cuba aku katakan tetapi semua orang tak faham.... Tentu sangat sedih kan? :'(

Maafkan Mama Eusoff... I'm sorry for not paying attention to what you are trying to say. I'm sorry for I always misunderstood you. :'(

I'll find a way to understand.. I'll find a way for us communicate with each other. I know we will work this out. I promise.

And about the word DONT'S and your effort for making an apostrophe.. You are a GENIUS, honey! A GENIUS!!!! (Terbayang betapa buruknya rupa aku menjerit kesukaan dalam keterujaan bila melihat perkataan itu tadi..tentu sangat burokss kan? Please don't imagine. You won't stand it... hehehe).

He just turned 3 a month ago, non-verbal and never been to school. We never teach him how to spell and he can spell just any word from TV shows/commercials. Isn't my baby a GENIUS??..


  1. babe... da byk kali kan, dia played with alphabets and come up with words.. this is miracle... bring tears to my eyes la dear.. i am damn tired with work, but reading this story about eusoff made my tiredness lessen.. teringat pada anaka2 kat rumah.. you are lucky, dear best friend..:)-jie

  2. Thank you Jie.. Semua anak tu ada kelebihan dia yang Allah S.W.T kurniakan. Sama ada kita sedar atau tidak, cepat atau lambat je kita nampak potensi dia tu. Kes si Eusoff ni telah membuka mata aku dalam banyak hal. Petunjuk dan hidayah Allah nak bagi pada aku melalui dia, barangkali. Semoga kita semua jadi ibu bapa yg terbaik utk anak2. Amin...